What is Webmail? Learn the Basics in Easiest way

Webmail is a service which will help you to send and receive email through your browser. User can check their mail from any computer of the world, it is ideal for those users who are frequently travelling.  With the webmail, user can read and write mails from their home, work or anywhere he is travelling, all he need is active internet connection.

If you are often using public computer and wanted to check your Emails, then webmail is boon for you. Squirrel Mail, Round cube are popular webmail software available in market.

Accessing Mail through Webmailwhat is webmail

Hotmail was the first company who has started webmail in 1996. Later Google and yahoo has provided free service to their user and in 2017  more than 50% population owns a emails, which is either provided by Gmail or yahoo. (Yahoo has changed their name to Altaba).

GoDaddy also provide work space webmail to their client. Person who has domain name with them can create an email and use it through workspace webmail. With active internet connection, user can send or receive emails from any system.

User can also integrate their email to their mobile phones. If you have android phone or iPhone, you can connect your mail address with it. Apart from that user can connect it with the outlook in windows or Mac to use offline.

You can learn it tutorials on how to create webmail through GoDaddy and how to install workspace email in mobile phone from free video series by GoDaddy.

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