What is Web Hosting? Learn Basics of website servers & Hosting Plans

Web Hosting is a service, which will help you to host your domain name on World Wide Web. Hosting Provider will give you space to host website on their servers. When a user search domain name on the internet browser, it connects with the web severs and your website pops up on his browser.

To host your website on server, you must own a domain name. which will later on point to the servers with the help of DNS.

Types of Web Hosting

So you are ready to make your first website and for that you have to buy a domain name and web hosting plan.

There are multiple web hosting plans are available in the market. User can choose Hosting plans as per their need and requirement. For example, if you are expecting thousands of unique visitors in a single day, you can go for dedicated server with high configuration. Or you are running a website where huge number of user comes on periodically, than you can use load balancing servers.

In short, you have to identify your need before you buy a hosting plan.

Check out type of website hosting

Shared web hosting service

Shared hosting is cost-effective option where many website is share single servers and resource. All users use a common RAM and CPU (server) and share common IP address. Users get basic features and do not expect cutting age software and other updates.  This type of hosting is ideal for small business and to those users, who does not expect huge crowd on their website.

Virtual Private Server

VPS or Virtual private servers is popular as virtual dedicated servers. In this type of hosting, User will get own operating system, where he can install any software he wants. As name suggest, it is virtual server, which act as dedicated server but created within shared hosting environment.

Dedicated hosting service

In Dedicated hosting customer gets a full access to the server and does not share space with anyone. Technically client pays the rent for whole server and can choose or install any operating system. User can get security, high speed, fast loading time and full control over the servers. This plan is famous among high traffic websites.

Managed hosting service

This is a type of dedicated servers and only difference is, user does not have access of roots. So he cannot modify the operating system or install any other software. Although user can access their website data via FTP. In this plan user get uninterrupted speed and security as it is managed by hosting company.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is a new generation hosting service, which is more powerful, secure and reliable. In cloud hosting, infinite servers will act as single servers which will give no down time and 100% security. It works on cloud computing technology, which gives 100% up time.

Re-seller web hosting

In simple words, in re-seller web hosting, User rents a system and allows third person to host his website. Generally re-seller sells hosting and space to third party with margin and expects to make money on this transaction. Small business owners buy plans from re-sellers. Hosting provider take care of technical aspects and manages the servers.

E commerce hosting

With the boom of E commerce industry, we have whole new concept of E commerce web hosting as customer requires a fast loading website with 100% security. Web hosting company offers supports such as payment gateway, dedicated sales page, resource, 100% up time and top level security.

Word press hosting

WP hosting is one of the famous hosting plans as most of the website on World Wide Web is running on word press. This hosting plan is specially for those who want to use word press as base of their website and  user can expect single click installation.

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