What is VPS Hosting? All about virtual private server

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS or Virtual Private server is a Hosting service provided by service provider such as GoDaddy or Bluehost. VPS has its own operating system within shared hosting environment.  User enjoys full access over the system and can install any software he desires into the system.

We can call it a replica of dedicated server, although if we compare the performance dedicated server outranks the virtual private server. Although it is virtual but it is built on single powerful machine, So performance is lower than   Dedicated server.

If we compare the pricing of both, it is available in market with much lower rate, while customer enjoys Root access, dedicated resources and full control over the hardware.

How Virtual private server hosting works?

So far you must have understand what is VPS? So let’s check out how it works and what is the anatomy of it? In VPS, one powerful system is divided in virtual partition and each patrician works independently. So technically user owns full machine with best specification available but in reality other domains are uses the same hardware. But all the domains work separately and ones performance does not affect on other.

So user will get privacy, security, full access to server root and best configuration. Above all if we check the price, it is available at cheapest price due to shared hosting environment.


Now if you are thinking to buy Virtual dedicated server, you have to choose from managed or undamaged plan. Companies like Bluehost, Amazon offers managed hosting plan, while one can choose unmanaged plan too.

Managed or Fully managed VPS Hosting  

In managed or fully managed plan, hosting companies will give you access to Control panel, various one click installation apps such as WordPress, security, dedicated IP, 99% uptime, customer support and other facility.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

In unmanaged or self managed plans, you will get operating system such as windows or Ubuntu, root access, security, recovery and dedicated IP. You will not get Control panel in it or any one click installation application. User has to install all the application, which he will need for work.


So if we want to sum up VPS in simple words than it is replica of manage server. But built in single powerful server atmosphere, where user enjoy full access over server and it is highly economical.

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