What is TweetDeck? How do you join it?

Are you tired of managing multiple accounts on twitter? If yes, then TweetDeck will help you to manage and operate Twitter accounts. It is simple, easy and most popular service to manage your multiple web presence.

So what is TweetDeck and is it worth it?

TweetDeck is a application, which will let you to manage multiple twitter account from single dashboard. User can update and schedule tweets of different accounts from single application.

It is very useful application for those who are managing several social medial profiles. One can update all accounts from single application.TweetDeck

Is it only for twitter?

Yes, it is only for Twitter. You cannot manage other social media profile with TweetDeck. There are other applications which will help you to manage facebook, Instagram or Pinterest profile.


Multiple columns

User can add any number of columns in TweetDeck, this saves times and help you to get updated real time.

Schedule Posting

TweetDeck will help you to schedule your tweet at desired time. Just schedule and forget, TweetDeck will manage your tweet.

MAC & Windows   

No Matter what operating system you are using, you can now always access all your social media accounts from single dashboard.

How to Join TweetDeck?

Join TweetDeck is super easy, you just have to login into www.tweetDeck.com with your existing twitter account. You can connect as much account as you want and it does not cost you, as it is free to use.

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