What is SMTP Server? learn the SMTP process in Simplest way.  

Have you ever wondered how Email Works? If not, then read this article on SMTP server.

What is SMTP Server?

Email delivery is more or less similar to our regular paper mail delivery. In E-Mail, sender sends mail through webmail or Mail client and it is delivered to receiver with the help of SMTP.

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer protocol and it allows you to send Emails to mail server.

Let’s check out the process of Mail delivery.SMTP Server

  • When Joan wants to send Email to his friend Emma, here is what happens on the servers.
  • As we know SMTP allows you send emails, while POP & IMAP allows you retrieve Emails from mail server.
  • Let’s assume Joan is using local email client MS Outlook and he is using Free Email service provided by Gmail so his id is Joanxyz@gmail.com. So Joan will give Gmail’s incoming (POP and IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail server setting, when set his client.
  • Now when Joan sends a mail to Emma, Gmail SMTP server will break into two parts .i.e. emmaxyz @ live.com
  • Now Gmail sends these details to internet and locate Live.com SMTP server.
  • Once Live.com SMTP server receives the mail, they verify the recipient and send it to Emma.

Some Quick Facts

  • Normally Mail are sent via Port 25 or TCP port 587
  • SMTP server is for delivery while POP and IMAP retrieve the Mail from server.
  • When receiver server is down, Client will send a mail to backup server and often it is return to sender.

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