What is IPhone Jail break? Reason to do and not to do

By | March 16, 2017

IPhone Jail break is process which will let you Root access and remove software restriction imposed by Apple operating system IOS.  After successful Jail break you can download, install and run apps which are not on Apple App store. One can perform Jail Break in IPhone, IPad or Apple TV and access some extra features which are not available earlier.

IPhone Jail break

It’s been always question of debate that one should perform the IPhone Jail break or not. There are many mind blowing apps, which is not available on App store due to Apple’s developer license agreement and only way to access those app is IOS Jail break. But there are endless bugs, security and performance is on stack after jail breaking any Apple device. Users also go for IOS Jail break to use other carrier, which is cheaper than original carrier.

IPhone Jail break

Can you go for Un-jail breaking on IOS?

Yes! You can always go for Un-Jail Breaking if you are not comfortable with Jail Break.  But most of the times users never go for un-Jail breaking as it give a full control over the device, which was earlier not available to user.

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Perform Jail Break on this Apple device

Iphone iOS
iPhone 7 series iOS 10
iPhone 6S series iOS 9
iPhone 6 series iOS 8.1.1 – 8.4
iPhone 5S & 5C iOS 7.1 – 7.1.2
iPhone 5 iOS 7
iPhone 4S iOS 6
iPhone 4 iOS 5
iPhone 3GS iOS 4
iPhone 3G iOS 3
Original iPhone


6th gen. iPod touch iPad Pro
5th gen. iPod touch iPad Air 2
2nd gen. iPod touch iPad Air
original iPod touch iPad 4
iPad 3
iPad 2
Original iPad
iPad mini – all models


 Why Users go for IOS Jail Break

  • Freedom: yes! People go for jail breaking to get compete freedom for their device. You can customize your IPhone after jail break.
  • User can able to install the apps which is not available on App Store.
  • Get paid apps for free through other platforms.
  • One can use other network operator after unlocking.


Why you should not go for Jail Break

  • Yes! You will get a total freedom on your Apple device but you will not get technical support.
  • End of warranty: Apple Inc doesn’t give any kind of warranty for Jail break device.
  • Bugs: We have seen that it is hard to upgrade jail broken device and there is always chance that bugs will corrupt the device.
  • Expert: if you are not technical savvy and does not know much about How to Jail break IOS than there is higher chance that you will damage you IOS device.


Share your views on IOS Jail break and what software do you use for Jail break.

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