What is Email Blast?

Have you ever received a discount, sales and promotion message in your mailbox? It is nothing but an Email Blast. In Simple words “Digital Marketers sends tons of messages (Email) to potential customers, it is known as Email Blast”.

Blast simply means sending thousands of Emails to customers.

How do you send Email Blast?

Blasting email is pretty simple and you can do it without any technical knowledge. You can do Email blast from Gmail, Outlook, or any other email service.Email Blast

How to blast Email from Outlook?

Follow this simple process In order to send bulk mails though Microsoft outlook.

1) Open Microsoft outlook

2) Click on New Email

3) Open Address book

4) Add the contact in the “To” or “BCC” (if you want to separate each receiver)

5) Write the Mail and click on the send button.

How to send bulk Email with through Gmail?

Process of sending mass emails from Gmail is similar to Outlook. Here you have to create a new mail and add the name of the receiver manually. You can add the name by typing initial latter of particular receiver and the name will pop up on the screen.

Now it might be possible that your emails will end in Spam box. As you are sending too many emails and other email service provide will treat you as a spammer. If that happens than your entire hard work will go in vain. So what to do if your blasted emails are going in Spam box?

Email Blast Software’s

There are many digital marketing companies which are providing software. It will help you to send thousands of mails in single click. Moreover your mail will go directly into the Inbox. Well, that is what every Email marketer needs. You will find many companies who are providing bulk email service at very competitive rate.

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