Should I Simulate Witcher 2 save? Witcher -3

By | March 23, 2018

Should I simulate Witcher 2 save? It is a common question among gamers, who have never played Witcher 2.

Player will get a two option when they start Witcher 3. Either you start a fresh game, which is not connected to a previous game or you can go for simulate Witcher 2 save. You have answer some question related to last game if you choose to save the game.

So what is the best possible way, which can give the best gaming experience?Should I Simulate Witcher 2 save Witcher -3.

Simulate Witcher 2 save

You have to answer five questions if you have opted for simulate Witcher 2. If you have read backdrop of Wither 2 game or you have played the game, it is a simple question for you.

For those who have accidentally saved the game, you cannot come back. Player has to answer the questions asked, and you must be wondering what does this choice mean to the game.

Questions and Answers

Here is the answer which will give you best possible play through the experience of Witcher 3. Your response after simulating Witcher 2 saves will decide the gaming experience.

Below are the five question Voriss will ask you when you Simulate Witcher 2.

Did you kill Letho?

Answer = Save Letho

Letho will not appear in game if you choose to kill Letho. However, if you decide not to kill Letho, a quest will open(Ghosts of the past), and he will become your ally in the game.

Have you saved or Killed Ayran La Vellete?

Answer= saved Ayran La Vellete

When you choose to save Ayran La Vellete, his mother will be kind to you. If you prefer to kill him, She will be angry towards you.

Have you saved Triss?

Answer = Save
Saving or killing Triss doesn’t change anything in the game. However, you won’t be able to see him, if you choose not to save.

Siding with either Vernon Roche or Iorveth

Answer = Take a side, if you want to avoid a fight

When you choose to side Roche or Iorveth, you will bypass fist fight with the guard when you enter Roche’s hideout. Technically it doesn’t change anything in the game.

Have you saved Síle de Tansarville from the malfunctioning megascope? Of left her to die?

Sile will get one-minute appearance if you choose to save her. Apart from that saving or killing Sile De Tansarville doesn’t change anything in the game.

Best Way

Save everyone, and they will make the appearance in the Witcher 3; if you prefer to kill everyone, they will disappear in the game.

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