Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger

By | April 29, 2018

The mysterious stranger from a sea of Thieves is currently a hot topic among the gamers. What role it plays in the game and what is his purpose?

Who is Mysterious Stranger?

Shadow character on Iceland is the first thing you will notice when you start the game. This enigmatic character is a Mysterious stranger; it plays a vital role in Sea of Thieves. We have tried to collect the clues and role of a character.

sea of thieves mysterious stranger

You can find a Mysterious person in the taverns Outpost. As of now, we are not sure what role he plays in the game. When you speak to the character, it will tell you that you are not yet a powerful enough pirate, after that mysterious person will ask you to come back when you reach reputation level 5 with all three function. When you go back after reaching reputation level 5 he will ask you to revisit when you reach at reputation level 10.


We believe It will keep ask you the same thing till you reach reputation level 50. We strongly believe that it will associate pirate legend. Apart from that many believe that mysterious person is a way to become Pirate legend. The mysterious person will help you to get a new outfit, look, new title and much more. It also helps you to secret Pirate Hideout.

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