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By | March 25, 2018

Many of you are facing issue with email after the separation of and AT&T.

We can feel your pain; people are having the same problem with their email account. You cannot log in from Yahoo account, and when you try to log in from AT&T webpage, it will redirect you to the yahoo email login page.

But again will not allow you to login to email account. email login

The solution of email login

AT&T Yahoo email partnership ended in 2017 and after that Yahoo has closed service for SBC clients. “” is the new portal, which allows a user to access SBCGLOBAL emails.

What is SBC Global?

SBC stands for Southwestern Bell Corporation; SBC Global is internet service arm of parent company SBC Communication. AT&T was acquired by SBC communication in 2005 and company was renamed as AT&T Inc.

Portal is no more accessible; it is entirely dead. When you search the domain on Google, you will see results of login page of AT&T and Yahoo. Apart from that, you may see a couple of forums where frustrated users are looking for access to their mail account.

Email Service

Earlier users are accessing SBC email account from yahoo mail service.  After the separation of both organizations, the company has started a new portal. It allows the user to access their emails.

It is a new portal launched by the company after the separation with Yahoo.  The homepage is similar to webpage. Users can access email, news, weather forecast, stock market updates, trending videos and all other latest updates.

sbcglobal email not working

Many users are not able to open email account; it redirects them to Yahoo Email site. There is a quick fix for this problem, clear cookies and browser history along with all other stuff. Try to access the domain after 2 to 3 hours; you will be able to access the mail just like before.

How to reset the Password?

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