How to refresh Microsoft outlook automatically? Easiest Method

By | February 10, 2017

If you are using Microsoft outlook than you know that outlook takes time to receive emails. Generally in web based mail system such as Gmail, yahoo, you will receive instant mail but in outlook it will take time.

So the question is how to refresh Microsoft outlook automatically?

First of all, you need to understand How Microsoft outlook works? Outlook runs on the Microsoft operation system .i.e. windows and it is schedule to receive mails on predefined interval. So that means, you will get your mails on pre-defended. So you can adjust time interval and get your mails when needed.

Follow this below trick to refresh Microsoft outlook automatically. You can either make interval period short or increase the timing. This is for outlook 2016 but more or less process is same of older outlooks

  • First of all open the outlook and click on “File” Menu How to refresh Microsoft outlook automatically
  • Now you can see “Option” menu here open it.Refresh Microsoft outlook automatically
  • New window will open .i.e. “Outlook optionsoutlook 2016 send/receive
  • Here you have to select “Advance
  • Now multiple options will open, scroll down and find “send/receive” and click on it.outlook 2016 send and receive
  • New window will open in front of you, here under the title setting for group all accounts, you can see second option “schedule an automatic send/receive everyoutlook 2016
  • Change the timing from 30 minutes to 10 minutes, and click on close.

Now your outlook will get refresh in every 10 minutes.


If you want to refresh your mail box instantly, than Hit the “F9” and within seconds send/receive process will start.


You can also set automatic send and receive when you open your outlook. You have to just Mark radio button .i.e. Send immediately when connected and every time you open your Microsoft outlook, mail receiving process will initiated.

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    thank you for wonderful guide, i am struggling in outlook and don’t know who to refresh it.


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