Lunapic Online Photo Editor

Lunapic is a simple online photo editor with numerous effects, filters, arts, border, and animation. Even a kid can edit a beautiful photo with no photo editing skills. The user can directly upload a photo to the website or it can be saved from Instagram, Facebook, tumbler or other social networking sites.

LunaPic Free Online Photo Editor

Lunapic has a toolbox which allows you to edit the picture. It is more or less similar to Photoshop and Corel Draw. Moreover, it also has an option to undo effects; you can undo most recent effect or undo effects up to any steps.Lunapic

How to edit a photo with Lunapic?

  • Editing photo with lunapic is very simple; either you can upload pictures from computer or import pictures from social media.
  • Uploaded photo will appear on a website
  • Now you can add desired effects from effects, filter, art or Animation menu.
  • A user can also adjust color, contrast, height, width, and brightness
  • A user can share a photo on social media after you are done with editing.

How to make a transparent image with Lunapic?

With Lunapic, you can make transparent Backgrounds with a single click. it will make a background of the image see-through. Follow below steps to make background transparent.

Method 1

  • Open Edit menu
  • Select Transparent Background

Method 2

  • Open Adjust menu
  • Select Alpha Transparency

Method 3

  • Open Edit menu
  • Select Crop
  • Cut the background

Choose the method which suits you best.

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