How to Insert Square root symbol in MS Word?

Word users don’t need extra symbol until and unless you are preparing for the presentation where everything needs to be perfect.  Well, there are several ways to add square root symbol in Microsoft word.

Method 1 – Shortcut

1) Press ALT + N + E + I

2) Equation Popup window will open in front of you; choose the Square root symbol from the list.

It is my favorite list, which will help you to add any symbol in seconds.

Add square root symbol in MS Word

Method 2

1) Click on insert

2) Click on Equation

3) Equation Popup will open

4) Choose common radical

equation to add square root in MS Word

Method 3

1) Click on Insert

2) Click on Symbol

3) Choose more symbols

4) Select mathematical operators

5) Insert the symbol

symbol to add square root in MS Word

Method 4

It is shortcut method to add square root symbol, but personally, I don’t like it, as it doesn’t look professional at the time of presentation.


2) TYPE 8730 from the keyboard

3) Release the ALT Key

Method of adding square root is similar to all Microsoft versions. Above steps will work any version of Microsoft officer. visit our blog for more tech tips.

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