How to set up Gmail for GoDaddy Emails? Just in 5 minutes

By | February 22, 2017

Did you know that you can use Gmail to read your GoDaddy Emails?  Now you don’t have to use GoDaddy webmail to send and receive your mails, instead you can use Gmail for all your mails.

So the question is How to use it? Well read this tutorial and use Gmail for your GoDaddy emails

  • First of all login to your Gmail Account
  • Now on the extreme right hand side, you will see option of SettingsGmail setting
  • Click on it and select setting option
  • Now you can see various setting option, here will see Accounts and Importadd godaddy emails
  • Open the same and select Add a mail account from Check mail from other accounts
  • A new Pop up window will open, so enter Email of GoDaddy in the dialog box and click on nextAdd a Mail Account
  • Select Import emails from my other account (POP3) and hit the next buttonimport email from my other account
  • Another new window will open and enter Username and password (you have to use your GoDaddy password and id). Check Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server. Don’t change the port, leave it as it is and click on Add account.enter user name and password
  • Now you are connected with Gmail and you can read your mail from GoDaddy.

Send Mail through Gmail

So is it over? Don’t you want to learn How to send Mail using Gmail from GoDaddy Email?

I guess, you wanted to learn so follow these simple steps and you can send mails from Gmail.  🙂

  • Well you have to open Account and Imports one more time.
  • There is a option of “Add another email address” in the option of “Send Mail as”add email to send through gmail
  • Once you open it a new pop up window will open and you have to enter your Email Address and hit the enter buttonEnter deails to send mail
  • Now you can see option of Send mail through your SMTP server, here enter your user name and password of GoDaddy and click on add accountsend mail through your SMTP Server
  • Now you can send mail through Gmail and there is no need to open GoDaddy

Important Note: you will receive mail for verification to know that Email Account belongs to you. So login into GoDaddy webmail and find the Gmail Team mail. Verify the mail by clicking on the link. Now you can send and receive mail through Gmail.

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