How to print photos at Walmart? Phone/Email/Micro SD card

By | February 13, 2018

Every Walmart stores have photo kiosks which allow customers to print photos at Walmart. This self-service Kiosk helps you to print and edit photos. A customer can take out print from Micro SD card (Memory card) in just a few seconds. A user has multiple options to print the photos such as they can create a poster or collage. These kiosks will help you to get a passport size photo or pocket size photos. Moreover, you can also login to the website to take print pictures from computer or Email.

Print Photos at nearest Walmart

1) Visit the nearest Walmart store from your home or locate the nearest store with the help of Smartphone.
2) Now locate photo print department within the store and upload photos from Micro SD card at Walmart self-service kiosks
3) Follow the instruction given on the screen. Kiosks will also help you to edit the photo. You can create collage, calendars or photo card at a booth and take print out of the picture.
4) You will have options to print photos in different sizes. Pay at the desk once you are done with printing.Print photos at walmart

How do I print a picture from my phone at Walmart?

If your phone is compatible with Walmart photo centers, then you have to follow a simple process to get copies of pictures.  customer can also take print out from iPhone.
1) Check Compatibility with your phone
2) Add your mobile number
3) verify the phone and start activation
4) after that you can print pictures at Walmart from your phone.

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