How to enable and request read receipt in Gmail

By | February 7, 2017

Yes! You can request read receipt in Gmail but for that you have to enable read request function. But before that let us understand some basic facts read receipt.

What is read receipt in Gmail?

It is nothing but a notification Email to sender when receiver opens the mail. In short it is confirmation mail from receiver.

But keep one thing in mind that sometimes you may not get read receipt even though mail is delivered and read by the user.


How to enable read receipt in Gmail?

Follow the below simple steps to set up the notification.

  • Login to your Account with user name and password
  • Now in admin console open Apps, here you have to open G-Suit than Gmail and at last Advance setting
  • Now you can see option of Email Read receipt, change the settings and click on save button.


How to request read receipt

Now we know that you have enabled your return mail notification, so follow this few steps to request return receipt.

  • Open Compose mail
  • Create a mail and enter mail address in To and CC, Fill the subject and enter the Email receipt in Gmail
  • Now if you want to request a read receipt in Gmail than click on More option.request read receipt in Gmail
  • Here you can see option of “Request read receipt” and send your mail.


If you receive a mail which is requesting a read receipt than either you can approve the request or choose Not Now to send it later.Return receipt in Gmail

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