Gmail sort by date, best way to organize Gmail

By | January 24, 2017


Gmail sort by date : It is clear that you are having problem with your Gmail and you are not able to locate your mails like you were doing in Outlook.

Well, you are not the first person who is facing this issue. There is no way, you can sort emails in Gmail by date. In fact Gmail is not designed in that way. As we all know Google is very powerful search engine and you can find glimpse of the same in Gmail too.

Gmail sort by date

You can search within your inbox and Gmail will come with all possible results. So instead of sorting Gmail by date start searching inbox. it is more convenient and more helpful tool than sorting.

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Best way to organize Gmail

Although there are other ways to manage your Gmail Inbox such as you can sort all your mails in different categories. For example, you can sort social message, primary message and promotional messages. And because of that you will never miss important mail from boss, relative or friends.

You can also customize your inbox such as default, important first, unread first, starred first or priority inbox.

If there is some really important mail, which you will need often, in that case you can create a folder and put all mails in it. Hence you will get all your mail at one place.

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