How to Delete my account permanently?

By | March 13, 2018

Worried about your kid’s addiction to the popular video-sharing app musically? Here is all you need to know about deleting account.

Delete my account is a popular social media app; it is famous among kids and teens around the world.  Currently cyber safety experts have warned parents around the world that app is not safe to use for the children.How to delete my account permanently.

Is Safe?

Currently it is the most popular app among the teens. User has to perform a lip sin on popular tracks and then video is uploaded on the internet. Good performance on the video can make you overnight sensation.  According to Fox5 “Sexually explicit, disturbing videos popping up on the popular app”. So according to us, parents should keep an eye on their child.

Delete Video

If you wanted to delete the video uploaded in the app, you have to tap on the video from profile and select the delete option from bottom right corner. It will delete your video permanently.

How to Delete account?

So you are worried about your child and wants to delete the account, here is what you can do.

  • As of now deleting the account is not possible. This feature is missing from the app. we believe this feature will be available in some time. However you can always delete the videos uploaded in the profile.
  • Apart from this make your account private so activities can be kept private.

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