How to delete Electroneum Account? Electroneum mining blockchain

By | March 15, 2018

Electroneum or ETN is a mobile-based cryptocurrency. It allows mobile based mining, which is boon for many block chain users. But it the same time, it require lots of space and it will slow down your mobile. So if you want to delete Electroneum Account, check details here.

Delete the Electroneum Account

  • Mac: /Users/YourName/.electroneum/lmdb/data.mdb
  • Windows: C:\ProgramData\electroneum\lmdb\data.mdb
  • Linux: ~/.electroneum/lmdb/data.mdb

You should consider these tips to speed up the phone.

Delete unwanted apps

There are many apps, which you are rarely used. Delete those apps as it eats the space and uses CPU power even in ideal situation. Your phone will become fast after deleting the app.

Clear Cache Memory

Every App saves a cache memory; it makes their app faster in terms of loading and usage. But at the same time it eats up precious space of your phone. apps like Instagram, whatsapp has a cache memory up to 300 to 500 MB.

Update your phone to the latest version

Latest version of your phone will improve efficiency of the phone. We have seen that makers also fix many bugs in the new version. So update your phone to the latest version.   

Clear Home Screen

Don’t put any apps on the home screen; also keep still wallpaper instead of live wall paper. It will save lots of CPU power.

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