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FatCow Email – Powerful Web Based Mailing System

You must be using FatCow Email if you are using as your hosting partner. It offers webmail 2.0 a powerful browser-based interface. The company provides highly usable and interactive options in its mailing service. Features of FatCow Webmail 2.0 Email, Calendar, Contacts and Task Management Secure Webmail Accessible from anywhere Spam and Virus Protection… Read More »

Netzero webmail Login – Email Login

Login into the NETZERO Webmail is an easy task if you are using Netzero service, as you will be automatically logged into the email Account. It gets difficult when you are using a Personal computer or another network services. Follow method given below for Netzero webmail login when you are using different ISP or DSL.… Read More »

How to use GoDaddy Email from anywhere (GoDaddy email login)

Imagine communication system without internet. You can’t, right? What if we are still using old mail system, where you write a letter, and it would take five days to reach your boss. Thank god for the Internet and its benefits (Email), Most of us are using Emails on a daily basis. Some companies offer free… Read More »

How to create New Email Id with GoDaddy?

GoDaddy offers personalize email solution to their clients.  You can easily create New Email Id with GoDaddy. Read this blog post to know how to do it. Set up New Email Id with GoDaddy Follow this simple steps to set personalize Email address First of all you have to open Now login to your GoDaddy account… Read More »

How to set up Gmail for GoDaddy Emails? Just in 5 minutes

Did you know that you can use Gmail to read your GoDaddy Emails?  Now you don’t have to use GoDaddy webmail to send and receive your mails, instead you can use Gmail for all your mails. So the question is How to use it? Well read this tutorial and use Gmail for your GoDaddy emails… Read More »

What is Webmail? Learn the Basics in Easiest way

Webmail is a service which will help you to send and receive email through your browser. User can check their mail from any computer of the world, it is ideal for those users who are frequently travelling.  With the webmail, user can read and write mails from their home, work or anywhere he is travelling,… Read More »

What is SMTP Server? learn the SMTP process in Simplest way.  

Have you ever wondered how Email Works? If not, then read this article on SMTP server. What is SMTP Server? Email delivery is more or less similar to our regular paper mail delivery. In E-Mail, sender sends mail through webmail or Mail client and it is delivered to receiver with the help of SMTP. SMTP… Read More »