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How to Update JavaScript? Windows 32bit / 64bit

Almost all the web pages run on JavaScript and user may see the error if it’s not updated in your browser. If you are having the same problem then updates JavaScript on your computer. JavaScript is High-level programming language developed by Netscape Communications Corporation. Follow simple steps to update JavaScript on your computer / Browser.… Read More »

How to print photos at Walmart? Phone/Email/Micro SD card

Every Walmart stores have photo kiosks which allow customers to print photos at Walmart. This self-service Kiosk helps you to print and edit photos. A customer can take out print from Micro SD card (Memory card) in just a few seconds. A user has multiple options to print the photos such as they can create… Read More »

How to block Email on iCloud? – Block Sender in 2 minute

Have you ever missed important mail under the pile of spam/unwanted E-mail? Well here is a simple way which will help you to block undesired Email on iCloud. You will need less than one minute to prevent Emails from spammers. With iCloud, you can create a rule, which will help you to block emails. You… Read More »

How to setup GoDaddy email on your desktop (POP3 IMAP SMTP)

So you have New Email ID from GoDaddy and want to set up outlook for your desktop? Well read this article for GoDaddy Email setting of POP IMAP and SMTP server Follow this step by step guide GoDaddy email settings   First of all open outlook on your computer. (it doesn’t matter, you are using… Read More »