How to block Email on iCloud? – Block Sender in 2 minute

By | January 29, 2018

Have you ever missed important mail under the pile of spam/unwanted E-mail? Well here is a simple way which will help you to block undesired Email on iCloud. You will need less than one minute to prevent Emails from spammers. With iCloud, you can create a rule, which will help you to block emails. You will still get the Email, but it will be moved to trash folder. It will keep your inbox clean, free of unwanted emails. Use this trick and from next time, you will not see any Emails in Inbox.How to block Email on iCloud

Block Spam Email on iCloud

  • Open in PC and click on the Gear option (it is on the bottom, left-hand side.)
  • Click on Rules and add rules
  • Select “Is from” enter the Email address and select “Move to trash.”
  • You will not get a single mail from next time.

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