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So you have billion dolor business idea and want to put your business on the Internet. Well that’s a great thought and you should do it before someone comes up with more or less same idea and break the internet.

Best Domain Name register 2017

There are many things which will require for starting Internet business and one of them is domain name. Your Name should be unique and easily recognizable to build successful brand. Here in this Article we will list out Best Domain Name register available today.

So which is the best place to buy domain name? Well when you search in the Google for “Buy a Domain name”, “Best domain register” or “purchase domain name”, you will see tons of ads who claim to be best domain register with great offers, price, features and customer support. But do they really provide what they are claiming in the advertisement or it is just honey Trap.

To answer your query, we have come up with top domain Registration Company available today. Read it out all and select the best company available for you.

GoDaddyGodaddy domain name buy Best Domain Name register

GoDaddy is undisputedly best domain name Register Company on the globe. Approximately they are handling 63 million domains around the world. GoDaddy offers domain in just $0.99 and yes it is quite cheap. Apart from the low pricing, company offers 24 x 7 customer support and believe me good customer support is always beneficial in long run. Moreover you will get status alert, reminder mails, monthly account summery mails.

Well just like every other company out there, GoDaddy offers you first domain in $0.99 and rest of your domain at regular prices. Generally they offer domain at the rate of $ 11.99 and renewal at $14.99 or more than that but there is trick which will help you to buy domain from GoDaddy @ $ 0.99.


Name cheap offers affordable domains to their customers. One can get their first domain @ $0.88 a year and that is the lowest price offered by any domain register. Apart from pricing they have numerous domain name ending which can be perfect for your business. Moreover they too believe in transparency and you can check pricing of all extension on the Home page with renewal rate for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year. You can also expect some cheap shared hosting and SSL certificate at best prices. isn’t the cheapest domain name provider but they have aggressive pricing. They offers domain at $12.99 a year and next year too at $12.99 a year. You can also bargain for the price if you want to buy bulk domains from them.

Moreover is boon for those who are looking for expired domains; they will let you buy expiring domains and deleted domains at very reasonable price. You can also expect good customer service as part of their after sale service. is another cheap domain register who provides .com in just $9.99 per year. You can also pre-register new extension which suits your business. They offer some of the best industry extension at very affordable price with features such as Private registration, domain transfer & renewal and customer service. Company also offers cheap and reasonably priced hosting to their customers.

1 and 1

1 and 11 and 1 offers domain in just $0.99 for the first time users. Don’t you think this is just awesome and not only pricing is lucrative but they offer free Email, SSL certificate, Whois privacy, and 24 x 7 customer support. If you are looking cheap plus reliable domain register than 1 & 1 is the best. Currently they are managing as much as 12 million domains. More over company offers linux and windows hosting in shared, virtual or dedicated servers.


gandiGandi is choice to many customers, who is looking for cheap and out of the box service. Their slogan is “No Bullshit” and believe me they literally keep their words. Just for example, they will allow you to manage your whois date without any extra cost and there are many domain register charges you few extra bucks. So if you are simple and straight forward company, who doesn’t hide anything from you than is best for you.

Google domains

domains.googleThis is a special addition to the list of best domain name register as not many of the customers are aware that Google too offers domain registration service.

Well it just in Beta mode and buy the time you read this they are offering domain at full fledge. We all know when you are buying anything form Google, you can expect out of the box offering which is not offered by anyone else and yes it is true for

Google offers domain @ $12 per year with some unbelievable features such as Free Private registration, custom email with G-suite, customizable sub-domains, Email support and domain management tools.

One thing which I loved about Google domains is their transparency and simplicity. No tricks, No discount offers and No marketing gimmicks, they only offers what they claim on the homepage of Just like home page they believe in simple and transparent approach for their domain venture.


Share your views on above list of best Domain Name register and comment below if you are using any of the above domain name register. Let us know if you are using another Domain register, which is not on the above list.  

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