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What is SMTP Server? learn the SMTP process in Simplest way.  

Have you ever wondered how Email Works? If not, then read this article on SMTP server. What is SMTP Server? Email delivery is more or less similar to our regular paper mail delivery. In E-Mail, sender sends mail through webmail or Mail client and it is delivered to receiver with the help of SMTP. SMTP… Read More »

How to refresh Microsoft outlook automatically? Easiest Method

If you are using Microsoft outlook than you know that outlook takes time to receive emails. Generally in web based mail system such as Gmail, yahoo, you will receive instant mail but in outlook it will take time. So the question is how to refresh Microsoft outlook automatically? First of all, you need to understand… Read More »

How to use Google Chrome as PDF Viewer

Did you know that you can use Google Chrome as a default PDF reader in your computer? If you don’t know than learn How to use Chrome as PDF Viewer . Chrome is one the powerful browser we have and believe me it has made our life so much easy. It is not just a browser… Read More »

How to enable and request read receipt in Gmail

Yes! You can request read receipt in Gmail but for that you have to enable read request function. But before that let us understand some basic facts read receipt. What is read receipt in Gmail? It is nothing but a notification Email to sender when receiver opens the mail. In short it is confirmation mail… Read More »

Gmail sort by date, best way to organize Gmail

  Gmail sort by date : It is clear that you are having problem with your Gmail and you are not able to locate your mails like you were doing in Outlook. Well, you are not the first person who is facing this issue. There is no way, you can sort emails in Gmail by… Read More »

What is VPS Hosting? All about virtual private server

What is VPS Hosting? VPS or Virtual Private server is a Hosting service provided by service provider such as GoDaddy or Bluehost. VPS has its own operating system within shared hosting environment.  User enjoys full access over the system and can install any software he desires into the system. We can call it a replica… Read More »